It’s been a long time…

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since, well, since I wrote a blog entry actually.

It’s not quite a year. I am sorry – I don’t have an excuse, but I will say that I don’t think I’m a great (even good) writer and I find it very difficult – I hope you’ll forgive me and give me another chance… Apparently, I just need to write more (a lot more).

In the last blog entry (on medium here) I was a few weeks away from exhibiting at TechCrunch disrupt in London. I have been keeping people up to date with what’s happening but I haven’t been writing about it.

So (drum roll please) in the last 11 or so months we’ve…

…soft launched at TechCrunch Disrupt
…got feedback which was bad
…got feedback which was (yes, you’ve guessed it) ugly
…BUT got lots of feedback which was good
…decided ikooloo was feasible – GO!
…tried to find a co-founder
…failed to find a co-founder
…thought about outsourcing
…decided against outsourcing
…tried again to find a co-founder
…woohoo – found a co-founder
…boohoo – failed to find a co-founder
…decided to stop finding a co-founder
…decided to hire a developer
…struggled to find a developer
…found a developer
…ikooloo doubles in size!
…start to re-build the product
…try to work out the unique ‘features’ of the Apple and Google stores
…apply (and rejected) for BizSpark
…test the product; show the test version to around 50 people
…get people using the product
…apply (accepted) for BizSpark
…functionally fine; design disaster, pricing confusion
…re-design the logo
…re-design the app
…code, code, code, add functionality (where is that MVP?)
…Learn that Apple’s TestFlight puts a huge barrier in experience for non-technical testers
…show the product again, another 50 people
…functionally fine; design disaster II
…consolidate functionality (MVP is close)
…re-design the app (again)
…show the app to anyone and everyone
…more pricing confusion
…alex (developer) goes on holiday

Which brings us up to date and (if I don’t have enough to do) it’s only now whilst writing this list that I’ve actually realised what a lot I could and should have written about. I’ll try and cover all of these topics in future but, for now, let’s concentrate on where we are now.

When Alex comes back from vacation (I’m not counting – it’s 6 days) we will be working hard to put the final touches the first (preview) release of ikooloo.

This should be ready and available to download on Apple and Google stores in the next few weeks.

So, if you haven’t signed up yet, please do so on Oh, did I mention we have unicorns?

p.s. ‘It’s been a long time’ is the opening line from “Rock and Roll”, released by Led Zeppelin in 1971 on Led Zeppelin IV (that’s 4 for you millennials). See them perform it live at Madison Square Garden on YouTube

adminIt’s been a long time…

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