The easiest way to track all your stats…

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The new version of Statzy makes it easier than ever to track the stats from your business. The flow is illustrated in the diagram and explained below.

Statzy V3 summary

  • Favourites page replaces the Home page

The traditional Home tab has been replaced by a more useful Favourites. This gives you immediate visibility of your favourites stats and how they’ve changed today and the last 7 and 30 days.

This provides you with a place where you can instantly see performance of your most vital stats, perhaps those representing your funnel or teams. You don’t need to put all the stats for a Source on to the Favourites screen because, to see all the stats for that Source you simply click on the stat.

(For those using Groups and Targets. The stats will be listed in Group order and the colour of the value will change depending on whether performance is above (green), below (red) or on (orange) target. An overall ‘Group’ score will also be displayed if there are targets.)

When you click on a stat you are taken to a screen that contains all the stats for that Source. You can expand one or all stats to see performance including a graph of the last 30 days performance.

From this screen – you can also click the cog icon in the top right hand corner to go to the Settings page for the Source. On this page, you can set targets and choose whether the stat is displayed on the favourites page by (de)selecting the Heart icon.

  • See all your stats on the Sources page

If you don’t show any stats for a particular source you can still track and see your performance from the Sources page.

Here, you will see each Source listed (in alphabetical order) with two icons.

The Graph icon takes you to the Source Detail screen where you can see all stats with the current value and change today and over the last 7 and 30 days with the accompanying graph – the same page you get to when you click on the card from the Favourites screen.

The Cog icon takes you to the Source Settings screen where you set targets and choose the stats that are displayed on the Favourites screen by (de)selecting the Heart. This is the same page that you get to by clicking the cog icon on the Source detail screen.

Everything else is still there; the ability to group stats to easily track your funnel or multiple businesses. You can also share stats with other members of your team but we have focused on improving the visibility of and access to your vital stats.

If you haven’t tried Statzy – then you can start your free 30 day trial by downloading the app from the AppStore or Google Play.


We think these changes makes it easier than ever to track your stats. What do you think? Let me know at

adminThe easiest way to track all your stats…
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