WHO are Statzy?

We’re a UK based App developer, brought to you from the seaside in Bournemouth. Co-founded by two small business owners and experienced software starters, who know how helpful it is to have all your stats in one place, but don’t like dashboards and live on their iPhones.

Andrew Walker – Co-Founder (the clever technical-ish one)

Armed with a degree in Computing Information Systems, Andrew’s worked in IT for almost 3 decades, and in software for over half of those. Statzy is all Andrew’s idea, and his fourth startup after his last company, Clicktools, was part acquired by SurveyMonkey then sold to Callidus. Alongside running Statzy, Andrew mentors tech and software founders for Virgin Startups, and comperes Google Startup Grind in Bournemouth. He loves football, his family and eats far too many Cadbury Twirls than is probably good for him…

Lucy Whittington – Co-Founder (the chatty marketing & salesy one)

Lucy has 2 decades and more of business to business marketing experience – mostly in software, but lots with small businesses too. She was the second UK hire and marketer on the team who launched Xero accounting software in the UK. She also co-founded the Small Business Finance School, is the author of ‘Find Your Thing’, and most recently launched a CRM Xero add on app before joining Andrew at Statzy. MBA qualified, she’s run her own marketing consultancy since 2005. She loves reading, her family and would never admit quite how much chocolate she eats (and clearly writes the website words!).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

WHAT is Statzy?

Statzy is a mobile app that brings your key social media, marketing, sales and accounting stats together in one place from all the business apps and software you’re already using.

Then if you want to, you can set goals for those stats, and get alerts when you’re on track or missing targets, so you can see what’s working, and what’s not in your business, and can make confident decisions about your next actions.

HOW does Statzy work?

For the non technical…

Statzy connects with the existing apps and software you are already using and pulls out the key data and information to share that with you in the app. You can set goals and get alerts if you want to from simple settings in the Statzy app. There’s help and directions in the app so you shouldn’t get lost.

You enter your password for each software and app you want to connect when you set up Statzy and choose which stats you want to see. We don’t have any access to your software or apps or the data in them, we simply have your permission to ‘retrieve’ the stats we show in Statzy that you want to measure and manage.

WHY use Statzy?

Because what you measure matters.

When you can easily see the results you’re achieving and the impact of different activities in your business,  it’s easy to do more of what’s working and stop what’s not.

By setting goals for your business for marketing, sales, money and more, you can confidently answer the question ‘how’s business?’ and make better decisions.

HOW can I get started with Statzy?

You can get started with a free trial, or subscribe straight away, at the App Store or on Google Play. Here’s the links to do that now:


WHO is Statzy for?

Statzy is designed for small business owners, and consultants that work with them, who want to measure and manage their results.

As a small business owner you want to know where your leads and prospects are coming from and what marketing activity is working. You want to measure your sales and manage your finances too.

And if you’re helping a small business achieve any of these goals – consulting on social media, marketing campaigns, sales or accounting, then Statzy is a tool that allows you to showcase your impact easily without compiling all the stats yourself.

Who’s Statzy NOT for?

If you work in a large corporate and have a love of complicated business intelligence tools and detailed dashboards to measure your business results then Statzy’s probably not for you.

Having said that, if you’re up for simplifying how you measure and manage your social media, marketing and sales stats it could be ideal for your and your team.

HOW MUCH is Statzy?

A single user Statzy subscription £9.99 per month, £99 a year or your local currency equivalent (we can’t give you an exact price as we don’t set the exchange rate 🙁 ). 

If you’d like your team to use Statzy too, or you’d like to share it with your clients, ask hello@statzy.app about our team and partner subscriptions to get lower rates for additional users.