How’s business?

All your key business stats in one app.



Connect your business software and apps quickly and easily and you’re ready to go. Start collecting your key business information in one place to manage all your activity with confidence.


Set goals straight away to see what’s working and what needs attention in your business. Notifications and alerts tell you exactly when you hit (or miss) a goal and if something needs looking at.


Your business information is always up to date for you and your team to make clear and confident decisions about next actions – to do more of what is working and less of what’s not.

  • Easy setup

    It’s simple to connect your business software and apps yourself. You don’t need to be an IT expert or data analyst to use Statzy.

  • All your business

    From social media and marketing, to sales and accounting – measure results across your business.

  • Numbers you need

    Choose the stats that matter to your business, set goals & measure your performance.

  • Done your way

    Group connected software and apps by type, team, targets or whatever makes sense for your business.

  • Share Stats

    Share Statzy with your team, consultants, clients, investors – anyone you want to.

  • Clear information

    Traffic light colours & emojis (of your choice) so you can easily see how you’re doing without complicated analysis.

  • Clever things

    We’ll be using A.I. to tell you when unexpected results happen, identify dependencies and quite possibly predict your future!

  • And there’s more...

    We’re adding new connected software and apps all the time to Statzy, and would love to hear your ideas and feedback – email


30-day free trial and then £99/y for a single user. Multi-user accounts also available.




  • STATZY gives me a snapshot of my business no matter where I am or what I am doing. In fact - it helped me to spot something in Xero I hadn't noticed within a few days of using it. I spoke with my accountant and quickly resolved the issue. Without STATZY I may not have noticed it.

    Brett Leverton Recoded Recruitment
  • STATZY was easy to setup and the fact I didn't have to build any dashboards was great. Arranging and hosting events means I'm rarely in the office so now I'm up to date wherever I am.

    Louise Davis Eventscape