How’s business?

All your key business stats in one app.



Easy set-up. Connect your apps and away you go. #nodashboards to build. Just intelligent information from your whole customer journey in one place.


Instantly see what is working and what needs attention. Notifications and alerts to tell you exactly when you hit (or miss) a goal and when anomalies occur.


Mobile only and real-time information for your whole team so everyone knows how your business is doing anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

  • Easy setup

    Connect your apps. That’s it. No Data Analysts, no I.T. and #nodashboards to build.

  • Your whole business

    From Social Media to Accounts, your customer journey in one place.

  • Metrics you need

    Choose your metrics, set your goals & track your performance.

  • Your business, your way

    Group sources by teams; objectives; processes – the choice is yours.

  • Share metrics

    with your team, employees, investors, external consultants, in fact<br /> – anyone you want.

  • Meaningful information

    Traffic light colors & emojis so you immediately understand what’s happening.

  • Buzz word warning...

    We’ll be using A.I. to tell you when things unexpected happen, identify dependencies and (gasp) predict your future.

  • This is just the start...

    We’d love to hear your ideas and feedback – just email


30-day free trial and then £99/y for a single user. Multi-user accounts also available.




  • STATZY gives me a snapshot of my business no matter where I am or what I am doing. In fact - it helped me to spot something in Xero I hadn't noticed within a few days of using it. I spoke with my accountant and quickly resolved the issue. Without STATZY I may not have noticed it.

    Brett Leverton Recoded Recruitment
  • STATZY was easy to setup and the fact I didn't have to build any dashboards was great. Arranging and hosting events means I'm rarely in the office so now I'm up to date wherever I am.

    Louise Davis Eventscape