Measure What Matters.

You know you should track your business stats but, be honest, it’s hard and you probably don’t do it as well as you should (if at all?). Statzy does the hard work for you by giving you all your stats in one place, anytime you need them.



Connect the business software you’re already using to the Statzy app – it’s really easy, you just need to connect each one once and you’re all set.


See what’s working and what’s not in your business by setting goals that match with your business plans and get alerts to keep you on track.


With all your business info in one place it’s easy to make quick and confident decisions about what actions to take and what to do next in your business.

  • Easy setup

    You don’t need to be techie or a data expert. Just choose what you want to measure from the options Statzy gives you for each software or app you connect.

  • All your business

    When you can see your social media, marketing, sales and accounting stats in one place it’s a lot easier to see how everything is ‘joined up’.

  • Numbers you need

    Pick out the numbers and stats to measure and track that matter to your business, then measure your performance against only what’s important to you.

  • Share Stats

    You can share Statzy with your team, with consultants that help you with social media, marketing, sales or something else. You can share your Statzy with clients or investors or anyone else that you want to.

  • Clear information

    Traffic light colours & emojis show you in Statzy how business is doing without you having to decipher complicated dashboards, graphs and charts.

  • Clever things

    We’re using a little bit of Artificial Intelligence to tell you when unexpected results happen, identify dependencies and quite possibly predict your future!


30-day free trial and then £99 per year for a single user.
Team and Partner accounts also available.




  • STATZY gives me a snapshot of my business no matter where I am or what I am doing. In fact - it helped me to spot something in Xero I hadn't noticed within a few days of using it. I spoke with my accountant and quickly resolved the issue. Without STATZY I may not have noticed it.

    Brett Leverton Recoded Recruitment
  • STATZY was easy to setup and the fact I didn't have to build any dashboards was great. Arranging and hosting events means I'm rarely in the office so now I'm up to date wherever I am.

    Louise Davis Eventscape